Circle / Strip Accessory
for the ScoreOneEGlass Cutter
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Check to make sure that you have all the parts listed.
Refer to the picture to help identify parts.

A-Main rail assembly 
B-Turntable support
C-Turntable bearing pin 
E-8-32 Hex nut 
F-Adjusting screw
G-Straight edge guide 
H-Adhesive tape strips 
I-Pry bar

attaching rail to ScoreOne body Assembly

Place the main rail assembly (A) of the accessory on the cutter. There is a small guide rail on each side of the cutter body near the base of the unit. The track assembly slides onto these rails with the square block down. Note that if you purchased the ScoreOneEPlus, the rail and turntable are already installed, you can proceed to Scoring Circles below.

inserting screw to secure rail to ScoreOne body Locate the small hole (H) through the body of the cutter directly below the rubber drive wheel and insert the black handled adjusting screw (F) into this hole. Place the 8-32 hex nut (E) on the back side and tighten. This locks the assembly in position and determines the diameter of the circle. NOTE: Over-tightening the knob will only chew up the rails and cause damage.
inserrting the turntable into the rail Next, press the turntable support (B) into the square opening at the front end of the rail assembly. For small circles, it should be inserted with the turntable bearing pin (C) toward the drive wheel. The distance between the cutter and center of the bearing pin is the circles radius. If your unit is set up on a surface grid, leave the rubber foot (K) off the bottom of the support post. measure radius distance for circle
locating center for circle on glass

Scoring Circles

1) Cut a small 3/4" square from the adhesive tape strip (I). Locate the approximate center of your glass on the back side by drawing diagonals between the corners. When cutting large diameter circles, score and break off the corners so they fit in the throat of your machine. Remove the paper from one side of the adhesive square and apply it where the two lines intersect.

attaching turntable button of ScoreOne 2) Peel the paper from the other side and press the flat side of the turntable button (D) onto the tape.


3) Depress the lever raising the cutter head and slip the glass under the cutter wheel, placing the turntable onto the bearing pin (C). Keep holding the lever down as you slowly rotate the glass on the pin making sure it’s centered with a minimum of 1/2" of clearance. If not, start over and relocate the turntable. When centered, gently release the lever and lower the cutter head onto the glass.

4) Without touching the glass, turn the hand wheel and watch as you score a perfect circle. The wheel will end up right where it began and drop into the start of the score line. It may be helpful to steady larger pieces of glass being careful not to restrict its movement.

scoring the circle with ScoreOne machine
using the pry bar with ScoreOne 5) Depress the lever again and lift the glass and turntable off the support pin and remove it from the cutter. The plastic pry bar (J) is then inserted in the bearing hole at the bottom of the turntable and pressed sideways to remove it from the glass. Be careful to use slow, steady pressure to prevent cracking the glass. Your ScoreOneEGlass Cutter has completed its work. Now you must break out the circle from the surrounding glass.


Releasing the Circle
First you must "run" the score all around the circle. Place the glass with the score line side down onto a section of the newspaper. Use your thumb to press down gently on the back of the score line until it cracks. Keep pushing around the circle until the score is completely run.

Next, make at least 4 radial cuts from the circle to the outer edge of the glass that extend from the edge of the circle but must NOT cross inside it. Use your running pliers at points "X" to break out the circle.

making tangent scores to circle releasing a scored circle using running pliers to release circle

finished glass circle

inserting strip guide for ScoreOne

Strip Cutting

First, position the main rail assembly so it extends out about half way. Place the straight edge guide (G) into the throat of the cutter.   

installing strip guide for ScoreOne

Rotate it into position with the two round foot posts pointing down and away from the cutter head. Now, lift the guide and drop the feet into the round sockets at the back end of the main rails.

setting strip width

With the adjusting bolt loose, slide the assembly in or out until the cutter wheel is at the desired strip width. Tighten the adjusting knob. Raise cutter head and place glass against guide, with cutter head as close to the edge as possible then lower the cutter head onto the glass.

scoring strips using ScoreOne machine

Turn the hand wheel with your right hand as you keep the strip snug against the guide with your left. When you reach the opposite edge of the glass, lift the head and remove the glass. Break the score to release the strip. 

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